Silent Power Shamanic Recapitulation Retreat

The Silent Power Program offers a powerful and proven way to silence one's inner dialogue. During eight days of personal ceremonial work, participants explore and sever the threads of their negative inner dialogue that have kept them chained to the past. This program offers freedom from karmic patterns in the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual arenas of one's life.


Recapitulation is the technique of careful examination of the past, reconcilling the cause of inner dialogue and unhooking yourself from memory tapes thus freeing the mind from pre-thought thoughts.
This process is known as de-armouring the mind.

Recapitulation combines the powerful techniques of breath, attention, awareness, and intent through ceremony. The outcome is erasing your Personal History and Future Predictive Behaviours. Personal power is realized through living in the "now" with full engagement and feeling.

Silent Power Program 8-Day Intensive Toltec Life-Changing Recapitulation

  • Eliminate your repetitive memory strands
  • Reclaim your power and energy form the past
  • Stop future predictive thinking
  • Learn the purpose of internal dialogue
  • Free your thinking processes of your brain
  • Free yourself from over-analyzing
  • Erase your personal history
  • Develop mindful discipline
  • Stop your ego mind
  • Reconcile your past
  • Transcend your ego
  • De-armour your mind

If you desire mental freedom and mental power this program is for you!

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to work one-on-one with Gael Carter & Marilyn Keffer, co-founders of The Institute of Shamanic Medicine, in magical South Point on the Big Island of Hawai'i

Your stay at Earthsong Sanctuary & Retreat includes private accommodations and three meals per day. The food served at Earthsong is sourced from local organic farms and is prepared fresh daily.

Break through to the still point and find the freedom that a quiet mind offers.

Cost: $1,500 USD - 8 Day Program of Toltec Recapitulation

Reserve your place at Silent Power now! Early bird rates end after April 15th!


Please email: for more information.

Gael Carter

Gael Carter shares shamanic knowledge and ceremonies in a way that is personal, compelling, and relevant to living in today’s world. Since 1987, Gael has worked with people from many different walks of life. She helps people to awaken their own direct connection to spirit, heal their past, and dream their future awake. Gael has taught across Canada, and in America, Europe, Mexico, and Peru. As a former student has said of her: “Gael’s style of teaching is engaging; her knowledge is unparalleled”. She is adept at helping people to deeply experience the spirit of their life and to grow and evolve. Gael has immersed herself in shamanism for more than 25 years.
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Marilyn Keffer

For over 20 years, Marilyn has employed the knowledge of shamanism and the magic of ceremony to guide people through the step by step process of healing their past, balancing their emotions, and learning to command their minds. Marilyn holds an Honours BA degree in psychology and has studied and trained extensively in Shamanism with teachers of the sacred spiritual pathways of the Mayan, Toltec, Yaqui, and Q’ero peoples of North, Central, and South America. She has a passion for the direct and effective techniques of shamanism because shamanism goes straight to the heart of the matter.
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