Patience …. is a Durian tree.

Michael First Durian

Michael’s first Durian, Pahoa 2013

One of the first things we needed to do when we arrived on the big island was find ourselves a Durian. It was my first time experiencing “the king of fruits”. The one thing people say about Durian is you either love it or you hate it. I turned out being one of the people who love it. At first the smell is so offensive, it’s a wonder anyone ever thought to put it in their mouths. It’s interesting though because now that I’ve tasted it and loved it, the smell isn’t offensive to me anymore, in fact I love the smell.

Durian seedling at Earthsong, 2016

Durian seedling at Earthsong, 2016

We have a theory that the “king of fruits” has the power to change your taste preference on a meta level. A good example is with Rupert. Traditionally he has never liked the taste of any fruits… until he moved to Hawaii. Now he loves most all fruits and we think that change solidified in him after he tried his first bite of Durian. The “king of fruits” may have changed him.

Breaking ground to plant a Durian tree

Breaking ground to plant a Durian tree

Our first Durian in Hawaii was so amazing, we decided to try sprouting its seeds. We were successful getting three seeds to sprout and the seedlings traveled with us in pots. Two of the seedlings we’re planted on farms in Pahoa, where we lived. Our last little Durian tree moved with us five times over two years – patiently waiting for a permanent home in the ground. Over the last new moon we ceremoniously welcomed our little Durian to it’s new home at Earthsong.

The planting of our Durian tree represents the launch of a new beginning for our family, for Earthsong, for the plants – a holding of space for shedding the old and beginning new.

Lyra holding space

Lyra holding space

Using ritual to plant this Durian tree was a way to represent setting roots and thinking long term into our personal future and future generations. How well we care for the tree will be how well we care for our Ohana and our path.

mongthong durian

A Mongthong Durian

The particular variety of Durian we planted is called Mongthong, one of our favorites and a known favorite of connoisseurs. A Durian tree that is sprouted from seed can take 10 years or more to start fruiting. Sometimes it can take much longer. We’ve waited patiently for a place on the island to call home and to plant our roots. Our Durian tree waited patiently to get planted in the ground. We will work with patience to have our dream and family develop and patiently … ever patiently for our Durian tree to deliver fruit!

Patience … is a Durian tree.

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